Golf Cart Rentals New Smyrna Beach Common Questions About Whats Legal

Are golf cart rentals street legal ? Can we drive at night ? How old must the driver be ? Are just a few common questions we get asked. When it comes to golf cart rentals in New Smyrna Beach common questions about whats legal are important to understand. Salty Rentals are your local experts in golf cart rental.

First off, at Salty Rentals our golf cart rentals are street legal. And they are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, including lights so YES they can be driven at night.

Where people get confused about golf carts is when they see them on golf courses and what is different when driving one on the street. Florida law provides limited road access between golf courses but unregistered golf carts (those without tags) cannot be driven freely on streets

Florida law designates golf carts as “low speed vehicles”. Golf carts cannot exceed 25 MPH and can only be operated on streets with speed limits of 35 MPH  or less.

Another area of confusion is Florida law permits driving a golf cart at age 14 BUT that does not mean driving freely on streets. To operate on regular streets freely you must have a valid drivers license.

Here is a downloadable link to Florida’s Your Guide to Drive Golf Carts if you want to see a simple 2 page illustrated guide.

New Smyrna Beach offers an ideal location for vacationers to enjoy the day exploring the natural beauty that it’s beaches have to offer. Renting a golf cart can make that experience not only super fun but you’ll look so cool too !

It’s good to know that you can have a carefree vacation without the fear of breaking any laws when driving your Salty Rentals golf cart rental on the streets of New Smyrna Beach.

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