– Russian Proverb, If you don’t deceive, you can’t sell. – Russian Proverb, Proverbs are the people’s wisdom. – Russian Proverb, Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood. – Russian Proverb, The scythe ran into a stone. English equivalent: Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Translation: Living [your] life is not like crossing a meadow. (Don’t teach your own Dad how to make sex.). Translation: Beginning is the big trouble. – Russian Proverb, The one who draws (a cart) is urged on. – Russian Proverb, A stranger’s soul is like a dark forest. (A person is know and judged by his actions or behavior), A bird may be known by its flight. We praise old times, but show no curiosity about modern events. Translation: The eyes are (might be) afraid, but the hands are doing [the job]]. Translation: Unless thunder strikes, a man won’t cross himself. – Russian Proverb, A thread from everyone will make a shirt for the needy. – Russian Proverb, Don’t hope for rain or thunder, hope for an agronomist. – Russian Proverb, Keep your ears wider and your mouth narrower. Translation: They say they milk chickens. Here are 17 of the most famous Egyptian proverbs literally translated into English and what they originally mean. – Russian Proverb, A young man should not marry yet, an old man not at all. – Russian Proverbs, When wood is chopped, wood chips will fly. Translation: To live with wolves, you have to howl like a wolf. The night obscure all distinguishing features), All is not gold that glitters. Search. – Russian Proverbs, There are many fathers, but only one mother. – Russian Proverb, Good fortune wears a pretty dress but its underclothes do not bear investigation. Translation: However [much/ well] you feed the wolf, he still looks at the woods. Meaning: Pay back with the same medicine. Meaning: One is much more likely to protect one’s own property than anybody else’s. English equivalent: Life was never meant to be easy; life’s no walk in the park. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, The poorer, the more generous. English equivalent: Neither fish nor flesh. Пло́х тот солда́т, кото́рый не мечта́ет стать генера́лом. – Russian Proverb, Even good dogs have fleas. Translation: Give [him] a fingernail, [he] will ask for the forearm. English equivalent: A blind man should not judge of colours. Russians are very clear on this: keep your friends separate from your money. – Russian Proverb, Small gifts go to places where men expect bigger ones. Transliteration: Novaya metla po-novomu metyot. – Russian Proverb, He lived a colonel but died a corpse. – Russian Proverb, Keep your eye on the ball. ~ Chinese Proverb. – Russian Proverb, Law is like a shaft of a cart, it points wherever you turn it to. – Russian Proverb, Know friend when trouble. – Russian Proverb, What comes out of one mouth goes into a hundred others. – Russian Proverb, The nights are short for him who married late in life. – Russian Proverb, Small children give you headache; big children heartache. Соба́ка на се́не: и сама́ не ест, и други́м не даёт. – Russian Proverb, The beautiful is less what one sees than what one dreams. In Russia you are not just talented or skilled, you can “shoe a flea.” (podkovat blochu) 13. – Russian Proverb, Choose a matchmaker, not a bride. – Russian Proverb, For every one with a plow-there’re seven with a spoon. Meaning: Don’t question a gift’s value; be thankful, rather than judging something you received as a gift. Curiosity killed the cat. – Russian Proverb, Feel free to jabber, Emelya-it’s your week. – Russian Proverb, The belly is like a judge that is silent yet still asks questions. – Russian Proverb, Single man in a field is not a warrior. Translation: [They] choose lesser of two evils. – Russian Proverb, The more you know the less will you sleep. Reported in. Translation: A holy place is never empty. – Russian Proverb, Cut down the tree that you are able to. English equivalent: Bread is the staff of life. Mockery: Ско́лько во́лка не корми́, он всё жрёт и жрёт (However much you feed the wolf, he still eats and eats.). – Russian Proverb, The newborn baby yells; you die in silence. Transliteration: Povinnuyu golovu i mech ne sechot. Translation: One [should] count chicks in autumn. Translation: Desire is worse then compulsion. Translations: If you cut [it], you won’t get it back. (People of similar interests,tastes or characters are attracted to each other and stay close together), One good daughter is worth seven sons. Note: Looking at a horse’s teeth is a way to determine its age, and thus its value (a practice that also gives us the English expression “long in the tooth,” meaning old.). Trust, but verify, is a well-known idiom loved by President Ronald Reagan, who was taught it by the writer Suzanne Massey. Russian proverbs … English equivalent: Don’t kick a man when he’s down. Translation: They don’t swing fists when the fight is over. – Russian Proverb, Running away is not glorious, but often very healthy. – Russian Proverb, Not all who make love make marriages. English equivalent: A honey tongue, a heart of gall. (You will be rewarded or punished in accordance with what you have done to deserve it), You would do better to sit on a powder keg than on the knee of a woman. – Russian Proverb, Every sandpiper praises its own swamp. – Russian Proverb, It was smooth on paper, but we’ve forgotten about ravines. – Russian Proverb, Even vinegar is sweet when for freebie. – Russian Proverb, An egg is dear on Easter day. – Russian Proverb, Eyes are afraid, but hands are doing the job. Meaning: You must keep your word, even if doing so costs you money. – Russian Proverb Конь о четырёх ногах, а спотыкается. (Russian Proverb) Freedom for the free and heaven for the saved. Translation: Moustaches are respected, and beards worn even by goats. Archangels in the Zoroastrian Worldview - Cosmic Vibes says: Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series- Part 1 Finding Commonality in Religious and Spiritual Pathways – SacredFireofKnowledge says: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), 4 Ways to Take Your Yoga Routine to the Next Level, Archangels in the Zoroastrian Worldview - Cosmic Vibes, Earth’s Crisis and Evolution Series- Part 1 Finding Commonality in Religious and Spiritual Pathways – SacredFireofKnowledge. – Russian Proverbs, Small children give you headache; big children give you heartache. – Russian Proverb, God is far up high, the Tsar is far away. – Russian Proverb, There are only two types of Chinese — those who give bribes and those who take them. От трудо́в пра́ведных не наживёшь пала́т ка́менных. – Russian Proverb, You cannot pull a fish out of the pond without work. – Russian Proverb, The calmer you go, the further along you will be. – Russian Proverb Russian Proverbs (948 Proverbs) When you meet a man judge him by his clothes, when you leave a man judge him by his heart. – Russian Proverb, Rain falls alike on the just and the unjust. – Russian Proverb, There is only one good – knowledge; there is only one evil – ignorance. – Russian Proverb, If you called yourself a milk-mushroom-get into the basket!. – Russian Proverb, Fedot, yet not the one. See also: Бери́сь дру́жно, не бу́дет гру́зно. – Russian Proverb, A long pull and a strong pull and a pull altogether. – Russian Proverb, A bad rumour flies on wings. Meaning: One cannot (or should not) expect to benefit without making some effort. – Russian Proverb, A drowning man will clutch at straw. ~ Egyptian Proverbs – Russian Proverb, If the thunder is not loud, the peasant forgets to cross himself. – Russian Proverb, Only chained bears dance. – Russian Proverb, Having a good wife and rich cabbage soup, seek not other things. – Russian Proverbs, The coat is quite new, only the holes are old. – Russian Proverb, I need not fear my enemies because the most they can do is attack me. – Russian Proverb, Ice in spring is treacherous; new friendships are seldom sure. Translation: No family has no ugly member. English equivalent: From your mouth to God’s ears. Translation: Bread is the head of everything. – Russian Proverb, He can cheat a fish of its skin. Compare: И́ли грудь в креста́х, и́ли голова́ в куста́х. Translation: Seven nannies make a kid not looked after. (Good looks do not always go to with virtue, and ugliness does not always go with sin), All cats are grey at night. ); Чем бы дит́я ни те́шилось, лишь бы не руками. Ба́бушка (гада́ла, да) на́двое сказа́ла ( — то ли до́ждик, то ли снег, то ли бу́дет, то ли нет). Alt. – Russian Proverb, A sin of gold is followed by a punishment of lead. – Russian Proverb, It is easier to fill twenty bellies than one pair of eyes. – Russian Proverb, An empty barrel makes the greatest sound. It says: leave me alone and I shall grow, learn, and realize my capacities. Always Updated. Modern mockery: Если бы у бабушки были яйца, то она была бы дедушкой (If only Grandma had balls, she would have been Grandpa). Transliteration: V tesnote da ne v obide. – Russian Proverb, Judges and physicians kill with impunity. – Russian Proverb, If you feel an urge to work, take a nap, and it will pass. Translation: There’s no bad without the good. – Russian Proverb, If Moscow is the heart of Russia and St. Petersburg is its head, then Kiev is its mother. На безры́бье и рак — ры́ба [, на безлю́дье и си́день — челове́к]. A man is known by his friends. – Russian Proverb, The church is near but the road is icy; the bar is far away but I’ll walk carefully. – Russian Proverb, Who reminds old, will be deprived of his eye. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Bury truth in a golden coffin, it will break it open. – Russian Proverb, The casket opened in a simple way. По одёжке встреча́ют, по уму́ провожа́ют. – Russian Proverb, We all see the same sun, but we don’t eat the same meal. – Russian Proverb, A drop hollows out a stone. English equivalents: Fight fire with fire; Like cures like; One nail drives out another. Transliteration: Ot dobra dobra ne ishchut. – Russian Proverb, An old loan repaid is like finding something new. Чем бы дит́я ни те́шилось, ли́шь бы не пла́кало. – Russian Proverb, As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far place. Translation: Friendship is friendship, but [keep our] tobacco (money) apart. – Russian Proverb, A good borrower is a lazy payer. English equivalent: curiosity killed the cat. Translation: love’s evil, you’ll love even a goat. Translation: God keeps those safe who keep themselves safe. Meaning: All arificial objects in the world, no matter how minute or astonishing, were made by people, so do not get overexcited. – Russian Proverb, When you live next to the cemetery you cannot weep for everyone. English equivalent: Speak of the devil, and he appears. (A person or thing may not be as good,valuable,etc., as he or it first appears; appearances can be deceptive), All is well that ends well. – Russian Proverb, Many people who have gold in the house are looking for copper outside. – Russian Proverb, If you throw nettles into your neighbors garden you will find them growing in your own. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, To ask is no sin, and to be refused is no calamity. Meaning: Work goes well when you know what you are doing. (examination of a horse’s mouth reveals a lot about its age and condition), Do not look for further good from good. Meaning: The way you describe it, this story/plan/thing sounds too good to be true. – Russian Proverb, Those that are afraid of bad luck will never know good. – Russian Proverb, In the garden of time grows the flower of consolation. Origin. – Russian Proverb, Take time when time is, for time will away. But I have much to fear from people who are indifferent. (If you called yourself a basket — get ready to take in the milk-mushrooms). – Russian Proverb, Wait three years for promised. Translation: Do not spit into a well—it may be useful to drink water. (Do not tell or show somebody how to do something that he can do perfectly well and probably better than you yourself), Don’t be so clever; cleverer ones than you are in jail. English equivalent: Wolf in sheep’s clothing. – Russian Proverb, Every sandpiper praises his own swamp. – Russian Proverb, The lucky man’s enemy dies, and the unlucky man’s friend. – Russian Proverb, Work is unlike wolf; it won’t run to the woods. – Russian Proverb, Pray to God, but be level-headed. – Russian Proverb, He who serves the Tsar cannot serve his people. Russian proverbs cover all areas of life, but you will find that most are used as a wise warning, a sarcastic comment, or as a shortcut in everyday speech that makes it immediately clear what the speaker means. (People are inclined to shut their eyes to their own sins and vices. – Russian Proverbs, An icon for the mind is like raw vodka for the stomach.– Russian Proverb, An ill-paying job is better than a lucrative heist. – Russian Proverb, You cannot break through a wall with your forehead. Meaning: If only youth had the wisdom, and old age had the strength everything would have been much better. See also: Чья бы корова мычала, а твоя бы молчала. – Russian Proverb, If one hand were the other they would both want to be clean. (If the final result is good,previous failures are forgotten and there is no need to complain, since the end result is the most importance thing), As long as a child does not cry, it does not matter what pleases it. Translation: What [you] plant, [you] will harvest. I am talking to you, daughter-in-law, so that you could hear it, neighbor! Transliteration: Khot’ kol (yemu) na golove teshi. Meaning: If you are in need, help yourself and don’t count on the situation improving by itself. – Russian Proverb, The thief makes perhaps one mistake; those he stole from made a hundred. See also: Ско́лько верёвочке не ви́ться — коне́ц буде́т. – Russian Proverb, A wise companion is half the journey. Translation: A bad peace is better than a good quarrel. – Russian Proverb, It is never winter in the land of hope. Swedish equivalent: You don’t miss the cow until the barn is empty. (The fisherman can make use of every kind of fish that he catches,large and small.One should make use of every opportunity that comes one’s way), Any sandpiper is great in his own swamp. – Russian Proverb, One sprinkles the most sugar where the tart is burnt. Bars & cafes The Best Cocktail … Translation: Don’t say “hop”, until you jumped over. – Russian Proverb, A bad peace is better than a good quarrel. Translation: It is better to have a hundred friends than a hundred rubles. — Also: You seem uncertain. See also: На зе́ркало не́ча пеня́ть, ко́ли ро́жа крива́; В чужо́м глазу́ сори́нку заме́тно, а в своём — бревна́ не вида́ть. ; Была́ не была́. – Russian Proverb, Don’t blame your wife’s side if your son is cross-eyed. – Russian Proverb, Take the bull by the horns. Meaning: The outcome is still unknown (despite all that’s been said.) Мно́го шу́ма из ничего́. English equivalent: Birds fly not into our mouth ready roasted; God helps those who help themselves; No pain, no gain. Translation: Not every glittering thing is gold. – Russian Proverb, Live for a century – learn for a century. – Russian Proverb, A dog on the hay: will neither eat it himself, nor let others eat it. Pronunciation: ChiMU BYT’, taVOH ni mihnoVAT’Translation: You can’t avoid that which is meant to happenMeaning: Whatever shall be, will be. – Russian Proverb, There is no smoke without fire. – Russian Proverb, Onion treats seven ailments. – Russian Proverb, Never kiss an opportunity with a dirty mouth. Meaning: “An innocent demeanor may hide much guilt.”. – Russian Proverb, In the times of czar Goroch. Pronunciation: V KAZHdoy SHUTke YEST’ DOlya PRAVdyTranslation: Every joke has an element of truthMeaning: Many a truth is spoken in jest. See also: Арте́льный горшо́к гу́ще кипи́т. Chickens are counted in autumn. – Russian Proverb, One naturally prefers one’s own kind. – Russian Proverb, Everyone has his own Czar in his head. – Russian Proverb, The wolf is not afraid of the sheepdog, but he is of his chain. “There is only one good. – Russian Proverb, God takes care of the one who takes care of himself. – Russian Proverb, A dog is wiser than a woman; it does not bark at its master. – Russian Proverb, If the doctor cures, the sun sees it; but if he kills, the earth hides it. That’s good! (Foolish and vain people are very fond of expressing their own opinions and talking too much), The Tsar has three hands but only one ear. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Don’t put it in my ear, but in my hand. Translation: Bragging is unlike mowing; it won’t make your back ache. Оди́н сын – не сын, два сы́на – по́лсына, три сы́на – сын. – Russian Proverb, Do not plant a tree with its root upward. – Russian Proverb, Sorrow doesn’t kill, but it blights. – Russian Proverb, Curious Varvara’s nose was torn off. (It is easy to brag of your deeds in familiar surroundings where you are safe from danger and not likely to be put to proof), Around bread there will always be crumbs. Translation: When wood is chopped, woodchips will fly. – Russian Proverb, God is always where we don’t look for him. – Russian Proverb, Don’t put new wine into old bottles. All the world loves a lover. – Russian Proverb, The sooner you get in, the sooner you get out. In this post, I’ll cover 10 Russian idioms (or sayings – whatever you want to call them) and provide English translations and explanations so you know when and how to use them. Russian Proverb Every seed knows its time. – Russian Proverb Russian Proverb A kind word is like a Spring day. – Russian Proverb, Russia was tsarist – became proletarian. – Russian Proverb, Love and eggs are best when they are fresh. – Russian Proverb, Conversation shortens the distance, singing lightens the load. Translation: Horseradish is no sweeter than radish. – Russian Proverb, Men will not be fortunate without a helping hand from misfortune. English equivalent: In for a penny, in for a pound [? Transliteration: Boltun — nakhodka dlya shpiona. Dogs that bark most bite least), You will reap what you will sow. English equivalent: A saying is a flower, a proverb is a berry. – Russian Proverb, If you enjoy riding, enjoy pulling the sleigh. Compare: И́ли грудь в креста́х, и́ли голова́ в куста́х. Translation: How [echo] is prompted, it will bounce back. (A keep worker who is doing his best should be left alone and not urged to work harder), You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. English equivalent: Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings come great truth. Pronunciation: DaYUT byeRIH, ah BYUT – byeGHIHTranslation: If you’re given something, take it, but if you’re being beaten – run.Meaning: This is a humorous way of telling someone to grab an opportunity, unless it is particularly dangerous. Transliteration: Na to i schuka v more, shtoby karas’ ne dremal. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, If the peasant doesn’t hear the thunder he won’t make the sign of the cross. English equivalent: There is no smoke without fire. – Russian Proverb, Seeing the Kremlin stars – going forward braver. ); may your words come true. – Russian Proverb, Every vegetable has its time. – Russian Proverb, Let everyone pick his own nose. Translation: [You could] even chop sticks on (his) head. – Russian Proverb, You cannot break a wall with your forehead. Compare: Не говори́ гоп, пока́ не переско́чишь (перепры́гнешь). Translation: A woman’s hair is long, and her mind short. (Russian Proverb) All are not cooks that walk with long knives. – Russian Proverb, Death is a giant against whom even the Tsars must draw weapons. – Russian Proverb, One road for the fugitive and a hundred for the pursuer. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Fear the Greeks bearing gifts. Translation: It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. – Russian Proverb, His word is as good as a tied knot. French Proverb. Russia also has maritime borders with the United States of America via Alaska and Japan. Translation: Blame it on the Grey (folk name of wolf), it’ll bear anything. Meaning: Opposite of Birds of a feather flock together; — Also: I despise you. (You should not afraid of people who make threats and shout in a loud voice; it is the people who are quiet and say little that must really be feared), Big voyage for a big ship. – Russian Proverb Meaning: Drunk people brag a lot, yet are capable of very little. – Russian Proverb English equivalent: Time works wonders; He that can have patience can have what he wants. – Russian Proverb, What you plant, that you will harvest. – Russian Proverb, Only he who does nothing makes no mistakes. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb English equivalent: You can’t make an omelette without breaking an egg. – Russian Proverb Не бо́йся соба́ки, что ла́ет, а бо́йся той, что молчи́т и хвосто́м виля́ет. English equivalent: He that is warm thinks all so. See also: Кому́ война́, а кому́ мать родна́. Literally: To fear the wolves — not to go into the woods. Translation: For a drunk, the sea is knee-deep (, and a puddle ear-deep). – Russian Proverb. – Russian Proverb, When money talks, then truth stays silent. – Russian Proverb, When the wine is run out, you stop the leak. Translation: [Theу/we] Ate and drank and make merry. – Russian Proverb, Worship the gods of where you live. Pray to God but keep the powder dry. – Russian Proverb, Fear the law not the judge. Meaning: If all the options are bad, choose the one that hurts the least. ; An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. – Russian Proverb, Time makes the best healer. Translation: [Your] elbow is close, yet [you] can’t bite it. – Russian Proverb, As you cooked the porridge, so must you eat it. Meaning: People tend to not take precautionary measures until trouble actually happens. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Smooth hands love the labor of others. – Russian Proverb, Don’t chat on the phone – a talker is a great find for a spy. It may cover or hide a much less favourable content. English equivalent: Diamond cut diamond, You have met your match. English equivalent: Those who sleep with dogs will rise with fleas; You are what your friends are. Сла́вны бу́бны за гора́ми (а к нам приду́т, как луко́шко). – Russian Proverb, Without the shepherd, sheep are not a flock. (Do not discuss your fault, mistakes, private, and especially family, grievances, troubles, quarrels, scandals, etc., in public), Do not cut the bough you are sitting on. – Russian Proverb, When god will punish, he will first take away the understanding. Transliteration: Ot volka bezhal, da na medvedya popal. – Russian Proverb, As chicken is not a bird, woman is not a human being. All good things must come to an end.
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