Let me know if you have any questions or if you find anything that helps you! Keratosis pilaris (KP) is the formation of rough-feeling bumps on the surface of the skin caused by plugged hair follicles. Keratosis pilaris is a common, harmless skin condition that causes small, hard bumps that may make your skin feel like sandpaper. Keratosis pilaris (ker-uh-TOE-sis pih-LAIR-is) is a common, harmless skin condition that causes dry, rough patches and tiny bumps, usually on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks or buttocks. Depending on your age, you may also grow out of it. I’ve tried every single keratosis pilaris treatment, including oil pulling, lotions, scrubs, acids, and more. I personally have it on my arms and legs and use the Tarte tingling treatment along with the Dr. Bronners castile soap with a sponge and its helped immensely. KP unfortunately affects a large percentage of the population, but doctors have more important things to focus on than finding a cure I guess. Also, I actually have had success with coconut oil. Also, people with KP tend to have dry skin (myself included) and using scrubs excessively will dry your skin out further. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Hi there and welcome to the Keratosis Pilaris HG thread! It could be Keratosis Pilaris or a variation. These dermatologist-approved and treat KP for child with Eczema and — Keratosis pilaris Wendy 9 Best Keratosis Mayo Clinic Tiny, bumps, gluten rash? Some people develop the tiny red bumps on their arms, cheeks, or butts; me? Helpful habits and makeup recommendations (if relevant) are also welcome! I have seen a lot of post about kp on arms and legs but Iam wondering if anyone here have kp on there cheeks? I had it on my cheeks as a youn teen and it just went away by itself. The condition usually disappears by age 30. Is there any way to treat them? This subreddit is all about helping people to manage their Keratosis Pilaris. Hey, I have read before that one can treat keratosis by using scrubs and lotion. Skin Concerns. I could never get it to be really smooth. From hearing the diagnosis to finding the best keratosis pilaris treatment for your little one, there is a LOT to learn. I promise you, it’s more noticeable to you than to anyone else. Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition that makes your skin have a bumpy texture. But you can treat it with moisturizers and prescription creams to help improve the appearance of the skin. Press J to jump to the feed. How I Discovered My Keratosis Pilaris . Ever wonder what those small, rough bumps on your arms or legs were? I then started using TO 10% lactic acid daily after my shower. u/annistark. Hey all. I also had the feeling, that the moisturizing products didn't get deep down into the skin. Hello, I always wondered why my face and arms are so rough and bumpy. Many times it’s even misdiagnosed this way. This subreddit is all about helping people to manage their Keratosis Pilaris. It could be Keratosis Pilaris or a variation. Keratosis pilaris, affectionately referred to as KP by beauty aficionados and derms, is a common skin concern that appears as a bumpy "chicken skin" texture on … [Routine Help] Severe Keratosis Pilaris on face and body, have been a test subject for years, nothing works, now doing nothing. Remember: never use coconut oil in your face because it can clog your pores, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Starting on the inside, keratosis pilaris rubra faceii affects your face, your cheeks, specifically. Keratosis pilaris is worsened by dryness, therefore, keeping the skin hydrated is very important.
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