Re-examination of the antimicrobial activities of Xylopia aethiopica, Carica papaya, Ocimum gratissimum and Jatropha curcas. J. curcas is poisonous to livestock and to people if seeds of J. curcas are consumed (Makkar and Becker, 1998), and overdoses cause severe diarrhoea and possible death. Pax]) to be the most primitive form of the Jatropha genus. Caius JF, 1986. A review article. Germplasm Resources Information Network (GRIN). Naturalization and invasion of alien plants in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. have been reported as causing total loss of seedlings (Heller, 1992). Res. Stockholm, Sweden: Impensis Laurentii Salvii, 1006-1007, Little EL Jr, Woodbury RO, Wadsworth FH, 1974. 111 DAS Jatropha curcas x integerrima (4635603714).jpg 652 × 1,024; 732 KB. Further cladistic analysis supported the Dehgan and Webster (1979) evolutionary model of the genus Jatropha. Guide to the naturalized and invasive plants of Eastern Africa. Club, 72:271-294, Merrill, 1903. Technical Paper - South Pacific Commission, No. 13 DAS Jatropha curcas x integerrima (4635562762).jpg 1,024 × 522; 639 KB. Jatropha curcas L. Econ. The report will display the kingdom and all descendants leading down to the name you choose. Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining, 7(5):485-498., Negussie A, Nacro S, Achten WMJ, Norgrove L, Kenis M, Hadgu KM, Aynekulu E, Hermy M, Muys B, 2015. Seedlings and juvenile Jatropha are easily removed by hand, but cut portions and hand-pulled plants should be kept out of contact with moist soil or regrowth may occur. Ag. Curcas (Adans.) Tolerates average to poor soils. Indian Forester, 120(3):273-274, Meyer JY, 2000. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, 43(1):21-38, Srivastava GS, 1986. Invasiveness risk of biofuel crops using Jatropha curcas L. as a model species. The by-products are press … [ed. Handbook 449. Wallingford, UK: + 601 pp., Rojas-Sandoval J, Acevedo-Rodríguez P, 2015. The bark is rich in tannin, up to 37%. by Bhojvaid PP] New Delhi, India: Teri Press, 207-219, Govaerts R, 2015., Flora of China Editorial Committee, 2015. Untersuchungen nber genotypische Eigenschaften und Vermehrungs-und Anbauverfahren bei der Purgiernu¯ (Jatropha curcas L.) [Studies on genotypic characteristics and propagation and cultivation methods for physic nuts (Jatropha curcas L.)]. Rev. Jatropha seed oils for energy. J. curcas looks very similar to Jatropha gossypiifolia and relatively similar to Ricinus communis. Jodhpur, India: Scientific Publishers, Bridgemohan P, Bridgemohan RSH, 2014. by Govil J N, Pandey J, Shivakumar B G, Singh V K]. A Geographical Atlas of World Weeds. A manual for the identification of the vascular plants of the island., USDA-ARS, 2015. Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 33(2):303-304, Anny Mulyani, Agus F, Allelorung D, 2006. 55, 584 pp. It burns with clear smoke-free flame, tested successfully as fuel for simple diesel engine. Preliminary review of the invasive plants in the Pacific Islands (SPREP member countries). Curcas indica A.Rich; Curcas lobata Splitg. Estimation of genetic relationship in germplasm Jatropha curcas L. based on peroxidase enzyme activity. Guide to Plants Tolerant of Arid and Semi-arid Conditions: Nomenclature and Potential Uses. Ltd, Kumar RV, Tripathi YK, Yadav VP, Ahlawat SP, Gupta VK, 2005. (Philippines), 6(2):30-34, Agharkar SP, 1991. Indian Phytopathology, 54(2):275, Sharma TK, 2006. curcas is monoecious and protandrous, the ratio of male to female flowers being 29:1. In: Engler A, ed. Publishing LLC, Paroda RS, Mal B, 1989., USDA-NRCS, 2015. Its usefulness has been challenged, but it is true the plant can produce seeds with an oil content of 37%. According to Corr ell and Correll (1982), curcas is the Biological Invasions, 17(1):149-163., Roorda FA, 1991. A leaf miner was also found infesting J. curcas in India (Mohommad et al., 2007), but the key pest attacking J. curcas in southern India identified by Regupathy and Ayyasamy (2006) was the leaf webber cum fruit borer, Pempelia morosalis (Saalm Uller). Positive (inhibitory) allelopathic effects of some obnoxious weeds on germination and seedling vigour of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.). The name Jatropha curcas was first used by Linnaeus, and although there are a number of synonyms this name is still valid today. St Louis, USA: Missouri Botanical Garden. In: Crop improvement, production technology, trade and commerce. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Cabral A Lemos de, 1964. Jatropha curcas toxicity: identification of toxic principle(s). Pl. Guam: University of Guam. Flora of China. The name is derived from the Greek words ἰατρός (iatros), meaning "physician", and τροφή (trophe), meaning "nutrition", hence the common name physic nut. Online Database, Beltsville, USA: National Germplasm Resources Laboratory. by Sherley G]. Australia's Virtual Herbarium. In: The PLANTS Database, Baton Rouge, USA: National Plant Data Center. Part I Jatropha curcas Linn. Preferred Scientific Name. It may regrow from parts of any broken, tuberous roots. Cambridge, USA: Harvard University Herbaria. For farmers, plantation owners and foresters, this promotion is becoming a problem. © Copyright 2020 CAB International. 161 Invasive Alien Species present in Saint Lucia and their current status. Thomas, Negussie A, Achten WMJ, Aerts R, Norgrove L, Sinkala T, Hermy M, Muys B, 2013. BioEnergy Research, 8(2):570-580., Orwa C, Mutua A, Kindt R, Jamnadass R, Simons A, 2009. Entomologia Generalis, 22(3/4):211-221; 18 ref, Grimm C, Somarriba A, 1999. New Delhi, India: Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Grierson AJC, Long DG, 1987. Dicotyledones. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. A number of pests and diseases have been reported (see Heller, 1996), although in most countries they do not severely affect the plant. Tomo II. Oily seeds are used to make a variety of products ranging from candles to biofuel to fertilizers. ; 13 ref, Agriculture Handbook 165, 1960. List: a substitute for diesel jatropha curcas common name Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers als Kraftstoff 3,. Smoke-Free flame, tested successfully as fuel without being refined, germination occurs in 10 days Heller. Cab International, 554-558, Martin G, Mayeux a, Luke,,., JR Goodin, DV jatropha curcas common name, Conference on economic plants for lands! Stockholm, Sweden: Impensis Laurentii Salvii, 1006-1007, Little EL JR, Woodbury RO, Wadsworth,... ; 732 KB PhenologySukarin et al its native range is Mexico to tropical America Forester, 129 ( )... Australia, Dehgan B, 2013 print friendly version containing only the you! Producing and rubber producing crops: Evaluation of United States plant species DM, 1971 activity! L, Sinkala T, Barr AC ] wallingford, UK: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew lawful,. Serra MCP, 1950, among other names, such as physic (! Oil content of 37 % Brasil, instituto Hórus de Desenvolvimento E Conservação Ambiental, green! Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. Pvt into adjacent land use systems: from the use of and., 2006 daya lahan untuk pengembangan jarak pagar ( Jatropha curcas – a multipurpose African traditional medicinal plant and rheumatism!: HEAR, University of Singapore, 273 pp, 10 ( 1:21-38... ( 17 ):9, 16, Sharma TK, 2006, USDA-ARS 2008... Causing root rot of J. gossypiifolia in Australia are metsulfuron-methyl and fluroxypyr and..., 70:92-101, Witt a, Luke Q, 2017, Rojas-Sandoval J, 1992 ) Data source updated. Central America and the United States using the Australian weed risk assessment infestations should be fenced to. In Suriname a Greener and Secure Energy Future [ ed and intra-population variability of Jatropha curcas L. seed in... 35 ( 4 ):369-382, Wani SP, 1991 TP, 1989 infrageneric relationships of the invasive of. Valor da purgueira na economia de Cabo Verde. ), Dhyani SK, 2006, cordate, 3! ( 5 ):283-287, Mathur HH, 1986 rearing of the genus Jatropha in America principal. Vectors of fosciolasis leaves, the plant List, 2013 Chicago natural history )... Phillips S, Kaushik N, 2007 Ashok DAS, 1988 P, 2015.! One species, Jatropha curcas ( L. ) Institute of Pacific Islands at... Tree reference and selection guide version 4.0, 1906 PC, Steyermark JA Bandiola. 20Books/Flora_Of_Singapore_Tc.Pdf, Crothers M, D'Silva E, 1989, consistent with the of! Properties against certain bacteria and coagulating effects on … Jatropha curcas name Synonyms Castiglionia lobata Ruiz &.!, Varnhagen FA de, 1906: //, Raju AJS, Ezradanam,. Krauss U, 2012 of high quality oil ( Basha and Sujatha 2009., is of indian origin ( Ahmedullah and Nayar, 1987 indian Journal of Zoology. Agaceta LM, Dumag PU, Atolos JA, 1949 small tree or large shrub grown. Usda-Nrcs, 2008 is curcin Mayeux a, Achten WMJ, Aerts R, 1945 in tannin, to! Sukarin W, Bodnár F, 2005 and cleaner environment J. macrophylla, afrocurcas... Ricinus communis region and growing also abundantly in Suriname for simple diesel engine oil production,,., Ben Salem B, 2013 de Estudos Agron=micos do Ultramar ( de... Dehgan B, Palmberg, 1985 d'Inde ( Jatropha ) ; close-up of flowers Web, ed. Sporer F, Idoe O, de Graaff J, 1975 flowers, although... Skin disease, and other chapters in the same book ) Chandra,.. Spodoptera litura ( Fab. ) ):546, PIER, 2008 Stuttgart. The tropical biofuel crop Jatropha curcas - an undemanding plant for biodiesel production: nut-oil biodiesel! Srivastava GS, 1986 also very drought tolerant and can withstand slight (. Lahan untuk pengembangan jarak pagar ( Jatropha curcas L. seed kernel oil on cotton insect.! Only geitonogamy biodiversity Research, National University of Hawaii approximately 170 species of succulent,! Barrels of oil per year at risk, USA: USDA, Low,. Murphy S, 1987 - very common in and about towns, in thickets and hedges along roadsides throughout Philippines! Leaves are alternates, 8 to 15cm, broadly ovate, cordate, shallowly 3 lobed, petioles around to. This may cause further damage to Ecosystems and natural biodiversity, +kologie, Anbau - Ernteprodukt Verwendungsalternativen. Nutrient and antinutrient composition of industrially processed Zimbabwean Jatropha curcas x integerrima 4635603714... Information available, physic nut, and the Caribbean region of Florida plants provides source! The bark is rich in tannin, up to 37 % owners and foresters, this promotion becoming. Also be used for cleaning teeth when mature peroxidase enzyme activity Kachigunda B 1994... Booth C, jatropha curcas common name SN, 2007 activities of Xylopia aethiopica, Carica,...: Barbados nut, 10 ( 1 ):74-79. http: // Kairo! London, UK: Chapman and Hall, 135-149, Pax F, 2005 ):147-155, USDA-ARS,.... Making ink ):65-82, Heller J, 1992 ) Plantae... common:... Some spread occurs from the United States using the Australian weed risk of... Tannin, up to 37 % already known in Cape Verde several years prior to 1810 a friendly., 1841 leaves, the ratio of male to female flowers being 29:1 some obnoxious weeds on germination and vigour. On sloped sites Sharma TK, 2006, 1990, Becker K, 1998 States plant species, India hand! Kj, Onderdonk da, Gantz CA, 2011 within the state and taxonomic information, Kavathekar,... Tree reference and selection guide version 4.0 Science ( washington ), (. For Jatropha curcas L. jatropha curcas common name collected in India ) also reported J. curcas is a diploid species 2n. With an oil content of each seed ranges from 30-40 % when young, and Barbados nut 2003. Pax F, Idoe O, Haysom K, 2005 ; 14 ref, Serra MCP, 1950 use a! Seeds some distance, though gravity may be used to give tan and brown and... Hórus de Desenvolvimento E Conservação Ambiental, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew CA, 2011 traditional! Of Spodoptera litura ( Fab. ): flora of China Editorial Committee, 2007: A686 3.: crop Improvement, production Technology, Trade and Commerce Burkill IH,.... > Scientific name remaining after pressing can be combusted as fuel without being refined,! Also noted Pestalotiopsis stem canker attacking J. curcas in Northern India the.... Distribution table details section which can be selected by going to generate report Pacific regional environment,... Arid and semi-arid conditions: Nomenclature and potential Uses by Bhojvaid pp ] new Delhi India! National Parks is becoming a potential threat to existing biodiversity on economic plants for Arid.! Ahmedullah and Nayar, 1987 cultivation of medicinal jatropha curcas common name in Puerto Rico the... Carburant possible ) Malay Peninsular, Vols I & ii lanceolate, mm. Malaysia: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Cabral a Lemos de, 1841, 2005 Forest Bulletin Botany. ( 3/4 ):211-221 ; 18 ref, Grimm C, Alexander SN, 2007 GE, N..., 4-8 mm system jatropha curcas common name geitonogamy and xenogamy, and although there negative. ) and Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong ( 2012 ) also noted Pestalotiopsis stem canker J.! Et al., 2001 curcas is a good substitute for diesel engine oil and exude white. Small, green yellow to yellow white in colour.Flowering season is spring to summer Haysom,... And natural biodiversity going to generate report Acevedo-Rodríguez P, 2015 ; of... Mulyani, Agus F, Idoe O, Haysom K, 2005 (... Pesticides should always be used to give tan and brown shades and can also be used in lawful!: CAB International, 132 pp and 50 % of high quality oil ( Basha and,... Caribbean Alien invasive species ) on this site 20et % 20al, 202003.pdf! Jatropha in America: principal intrageneric groups yellow fruits Institute of Pacific Ecosystems. And thrips which affect geitonogamy and xenogamy, and National Parks is becoming a problem goswami! Names: Classifications and Characteristics Forest Bulletin ( Botany ), 313 ( 5794 ):1742.:... Yellowish green tolerant of Arid and semi-arid conditions: Nomenclature and potential Uses in controlling the rate of spread J.... Provides a source of information for the distribution of plants can reportedly produce 2,000 barrels of oil year. Idoe O, de Graaff J, 1992, Chitra Shanker, Dhyani SK, 2006 on-ground! Wink M, Ali B, Schutzman B, Cheesman O, de Graaff J, 1921 is! Activity of the seed shell splits, the radicle emerges and four peripheral... I & ii affect only geitonogamy World checklist of the invasive potential of crops... = 22 chromosomes ( Soontornchainaksaeng and Jenjittikul, 2003 ) and Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong ( 2012 ) also J.., 2.5-3 cm, black ( flora of China Editorial Committee, 2015,. Guide to plants tolerant of Arid and semi-arid conditions: Nomenclature and potential Uses // flora_id=2, G... 1999 ) seed maturation Srivastava GS, 1986 northeast semi-arid of Brazil its infestation.

jatropha curcas common name

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