(If that doesn’t make sense yet, hang in there. they want to make sure that the user experience is as smooth as possible. They create end-to-end user experiences for teams of … They understood exactly what users needed to know at just the right moment to move through a screen or complete a task. UX writing is a subspecialty of content strategy. Friction and frustration make people leave the app or site, abandon the cart, or go buy from your competitor. Or, one UX writing team might focus on the user interface for the mobile app, and another team might focus on the desktop experience. Both the A user interface is where a person (the user) and a computer work together to get something done. Customer support, engagement, and loyalty-building happen during product use. A practical video course based on the Microcopy book! Clear, concise and useful from start to finish, with tons of insights for UX writers. Every word in your product is part of a conversation industry needs people who are intuitively good at anticipating what words are words people see when they interact with software. Learn to write clear, concise language for critical UI components … designed. It’s the screens on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. writing. creatures. user’s platform. It's text that explains what features do, and tells a user what action will occur by interacting with that element. The text should be useful for the user—it should help people get element. The focus is more narrow and specialized than content strategy. One typical example of inconsistency desktop app do not necessarily work on mobile platforms. The Microcopy Course. understand what the role of the UX writer entails and how it adds value to the Now that UX writing has entered the arena, users are seeing more clear, concise, and memorable copy. UX Writing. — Jason Fried (@jasonfried) November 13, 2013. The Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture in UX, A Guide to Different Types of Website Structures, Forging a New Path for Disabled Design: An Interview with Liz Jackson. For instance, You’ll need to advocate for succinct writing as if it’s part of your DNA. “You can use a magazine style layout, a modular layout, or whatever you think will play to your goals and strengths. But similar to any other component of UI, humor should be needed and when. It’s better to remove any potential clutter, any information that important words as they scan through the page. we read or hear when we use a digital product. UX writing needs to be simple, clear, and consistent throughout. where they want to go. The first three rules—be clear, be concise, and be useful —are often called the holy trinity of UX writing. Your copy can be broken up into bulleted lists or you can have each sentence be a max of 80 characters. products evolved into its own specialty—UX Copy is crucial in guiding the user and helping them complete The content a UX writer produces is called many things: In smaller companies, or in companies without much of a design team, it’s common for one writer to handle everything: from the marketing website, to the interface or UX writing, the troubleshooting articles, and even more (white papers, PR releases, leadership communications, social posts). First use is often called Onboarding and typically involves a brief, benefits-focused product tour. a product. Learn about the role IA plays in the UX design process here. They’ve decided they will become a customer. You’ll also need to understand exactly how the product works so you can teach users the best way to use it. But UX writing differs from copywriting in that it aims to guide the user through the interface in an intuitive manner. Bad experiences result in more negative word-of-mouth sharing. The company and product material has convinced them that this solution is the best for them. UX Writing is the text on a website, we’re talking headlines, descriptions, microcopy on buttons. The UX Writer evaluates the screens and might make suggestions to the product designer. To write well about any product, you’ll need to know what that product does for your users, how it makes their lives better (not the same as “how it works”). I’ve broken it down into six because, in my opinion, there was more unpacking to do. They are also called Product Writers, Digital Copywriters, Content Designers, or UX Content Strategists. We spend a lot of time crafting minute details in our interfaces, and we believe the same level of detail matters in the words we use. Ideally, your writing will reinforce your product’s unique value proposition (the most important benefit your product offers to users that they can’t easily find somewhere else). UX Writers craft clear, concise copy and interface text for products and web experiences. Remember to lead with benefits, not features or tasks. We're a design-focused product company. It’s discussed in detail in this lesson.). Good product copywriting also goes out of its way to not irritate a user. But concise Both the size of the screen and the way people comprehend the information on a digital space (people scan, not read) affect the copy. if you decide to call the process of arranging something “Scheduling” in one Many practitioners break down UX writing into three best practices for making copy clear, concise, useful. Words are a In some contexts, it might be hard (or nearly impossible) to describe to be effective. The text of UX writing also needs to be clear, concise, and convenient enough to convey the correct intention and message to the user. 1. What’s easy? UX writers are interaction designers for words. writers will only increase. Try to write for all reading levels. Provide text in chunks—easily scannable segments of text that focus on a limited number of concepts at a time. User experience writers write the text you see (or hear) in a user interface (UI). Copyright © 2019-2020 Adobe. This blog post is made up of material from the first 3 lessons (out of 44) of the UX Writing Fundamentals course – written by senior UX writers from Google, Amazon, Intuit, and more top companies. If you have to deliver a lot of content for your users, it’s better to reveal any details as needed. concise and yet communicate the meaning effectively. Copy should be you choose to use humor in error messages). They are responsible for both important concepts first. It’s also the voice you hear when you’re talking to Amazon’s Alexa or your Google Assistant. Writing clear, concise UX content in-line with established guidelines and patterns. Get started in UX writing. You’re probably in a similar position. with your users. Let’s think about an example of a complex task like filing taxes in TurboTax. The primary goal of UX writing is to guide users to complete tasks in any digital product. The main focus of UX Writing is on the prospective user and his experience while navigating the page. UX writing (user experience writing) is the practice of crafting the customer-facing text or copy that appears within the design of digital products. UX writers, especially freelancers and those working on small teams, are often responsible for writing every instance of a product’s interface copy. Writing the copy of the UI design is both an art and a science. You may be UX writing is important because it creates a clear and meaningful conversation between the user and the product. The UX writer © 2020 UX Writers Collective. Work with designers and developers, starting at an early stage of production User experience is a broad term that includes all the marketing text, visuals, instructions, actions, tasks, and help content a person sees (or experiences) when using a specific product. Everybody wants their writing to be concise and clear. size of the screen and the way people comprehend the information on a digital In a larger content strategy, you would partner with product management, marketing, and support to identify your audience segments, and then tailor your brand voice, your images, your messaging, and your product content to appeal to those audiences. This more nebulous phase of use involves building customer loyalty to ensure positive word-of-mouth recommendations, introducing users to new features that (hopefully) improve their experience, and fun or profitable motivations offered to customers to bring in even more users (like a program offering one-month free service if you invite 3 friends). That’s why everything from the smallest UX Writing and Content Design Basics. Like designers, UX Writers had the empathy and communications skills to advocate for users with clear, concise copy. UX writing appeared to save the day. People interact with digital products and services on a daily basis: to buy clothes, watch series and films, book their holidays, and even to pay their taxes through a digital platform. Friction is anything that makes tasks harder or makes people feel confused, frustrated, and less likely to continue using the product. UX writing is the practice of designing the Try taking extra care to make this content clear, engaging, and concise. guidelines. in the context of digital products, and it has unique constraints. Use language that’s consistent with the It’s the Just like this article is divided into sections and paragraphs, the long copy on your website or app should have a similar structure. microcopy (labels for buttons, menu options, error messages) and macrocopy The insights from UX writers can have a tremendous impact on different aspects of a future product, including information architecture (IA). brains. And an integral part of any good design is a well-written, clear, and concise copy. ensure that the copy is consistent across all products and interfaces. By doing that, you will make people’s eyes start with customers. Often, the words used are software problems and not people problems. Don’t miss out on discounts, new courses, and UX writing tips. UX Writer is more common in the US, while Content Designer is more common in the UK and Australia. All rights reserved. The principles of progressive disclosure work well for UX writing. They’re probably talking to friends, imagining what kind of product would work best for them, and searching the web for answers and ideas. The user has committed to becoming a customer by purchasing the product, or might still be researching by signing up for a free trial. It clarifies uncertainties and reduces anxiety. If you’re transitioning from those fields, be sure to emphasize your knowledge of the difference. UX writing is a specialized form of writing because of its context (software) and the environment in which it’s produced (technology companies). (You’re enrolled in this course so you’re on your way to addressing that gap.). catching only the first or second word of each sentence. If you enjoy this sample, enroll in the class today! overall design process. Where teams create the world’s best experiences at scale, powered by the leader in creative tools. UX writers think how the language internationalized across linguistic, geographical, and cultural boundaries. text should be understandable by anyone regardless of their culture or language. It’s the place where you (the user) and the computer (interface) meet and interact. UX writers create copy for people who use products (customers), and Now that you know a little about the role, let’s learn more about what UX Writers do day-to-day. Consider the UX writer your first customer. Collaborate on the design and suggest things like adding helpful sub-heads. Here we go! Users were frustrated. It has a lot in common with poetry: it’s concentrated language. The good news: you can expect to make a competitive, sustainable salary extending well into six figures for senior writers. Entry level salaries in the US generally start around $80K. People are likely to read the text in your interface many times, and Three UX Writing Best Practices 1. For example, if you They might also ask for word-of-mouth recommendations from friends. Installing and opening a product for the first time requires guidance and encouragement. In a perfect world it will relate to some action to the user. user interface is; if the copy is confusing, misleading, or grammatically The pros will tell you that great UX Writing should be boring because it’s so simple, or invisible when done right. But in order to build trust, the copy What tone of voice is most likely to resonate with their user. Follow Mark Twain’s advice: “Writing is easy. When it comes to designing a first-class It’s a well-known The main goal of UX writing is to provide the “user” of a product or piece of software with a positive and easy experience. matter what product we design, we should always design a conversation between a we’ll take a detailed look at the role of the UX writer and explore basic UX writing How UX writing can be helpful Sign up for tips, updates, and discounts! Plus it gets top marks for presenting everything in a way that makes it easy to digest. They need instructions and a dose of reassurance. Guidelines for each one of the buttons and interface components in an application keep the experience predictable and consistent for the user. UX writer’s job to craft the right copy. If you’re transitioning from another writing-focused career here are some tips to get you started. must embody the voice of the organization. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your Imagine a person needs to solve a problem. The conversation runs through the entire user experience. The website should be as easy and intuitive as possible, leading the web visitors directly to what they want to find. If you’d like to read more in-depth on how to think about and approach UX writing, I recommend reading Strategic Writing for UX. (information messages and invitations, text on confirmation pages). Online courses in user experience writing. The answer is often YES to all these and more. concerned with attracting potential customers and converting them into real Take a peek into the first 3 lessons from our UX Writing Fundamentals course. Just as in the world of traditional publishing, this text is referred to as copy. Pay attention to verbs. Your list of skills must include knowledge of software design and user experience. Learn what UX writing is, why it’s important, and how UX writers work on a design team. As a UX Writer, you might find that you’re the person on your team who names tasks and features in all customer-facing text. the need for UX More often than not, it extends beyond crafting clear, concise copy to prompt users. Conversion is the moment a user decides to click the “Buy” button. Before anything else, let’s clarify two terms we’ll use a lot: UX and UI. If you love efficient well-constructed dialog, understand that all copy is also relationship-building, and notice when interfaces are hard to use, then you have good instincts. You should know what the competition is offering and how they talk about it. hunt for good UX writers. After buying, these are all the additional stages while using the product. And stick to your brand principles to bring your product to life. they choose to use will fit into the voice of the product and brand as a whole. UX Writing books | Books for UX Writers Content Design by Sarah Richards, who wrote the content style guide for the UK government. The UX Writer works closely with the product team to write (or oversee) all of the text shown to users throughout the user journey. Your users shouldn’t need to spend additional brain calories fumbling through your intention. Secondly, if you're a designer that's reading this, UX writing doesn't always fall to you. This first unit will cover the who, what, how, and why of the UX Writer’s role. A strong command of spelling, mechanics, and grammar, A willingness to compromise with teammates, The drive to keep up with the fast pace of technology and design, As a hiring manager at Google, Bobbie Wood says the biggest gap she saw was in design skills and specific knowledge of the UX writer’s role.
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