5 Solutions to Fix iPhone Stuck in Boot Loop (iOS 13/12/11) “My iPhone 7 has been turning on and off and stuck in a boot loop (meaning Apple logo comes on and off for at least 30 mins) can someone please help me?” Above is a recourse from an iPhone user, and he or she is not alone. Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Using iOS System Recovery (Best Solution) Part 6.Video Guide: How to Fix iPhone Gets Stuck on Apple Logo. iPhone X: Press and release the Volume up button > press and release the Volume Down button > then press and hold the Side button (ON/OFF), until the Apple Logo reappears. Thanks, Alvin . When the device is in Recovery Mode, it makes iPhone connectivity with iTunes to either backup the data or let it restore iOS fresh installation.. Steps are as follows: iPhone 6s, iOS 13 Posted on Feb 22, 2020 7:25 AM. Fear not, it is not scary. More Less. Whenever I tried to reboot the iPhone, the iPhone won't turn on past Apple logo then shuts off. Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo without Restore. Have an issue when installing an update or performing a regular restore. Part 1: Reasons Causing iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo Screen 1. When you try to restart your iPhone, the iPhone is suddenly stuck on white screen with black Apple. I tried to Hard Reset but that does not working. About iPhone Stuck on the Apple Logo. This will result in force restarting the device. Resovled: iOS 14 Downgrade Stuck on Bootloop/Recovery Mode/Apple Logo. If your iPhone (including the old models like iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4) is stuck on the Apple logo loop or your iPhone loops Apple logo, this article will help. 4. When using Recovery Mode, you can install a fresh version of iOS or a backup of your data. The first quick option to try and fix the iPhone that is stuck on the Apple logo after updating to iOS 14/13 is to force restart your device. The solutions also work for the devices running iOS 14. The first solution to deal with iPhone XR stuck on Apple logo, or other models is by using iOS System Repair. It resets the current power cycle of the device and fixes a few minor issues as well. As you know, the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 are released, and many people want to buy new iPhone 12 to replace the old iOS device. Namun dari pengalaman tim MakeMac, masalah stuck di logo Apple biasanya disebabkan karena sistem operasi gagal saat proses awal saat atau booting dan perlu diulang. Works smoothly with all versions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. There are still some ways to fix the iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen and a lot of thank to the affordable step that easily resolves the problem. Method 2. Jerry Cook; Updated on 2020-10-19 to Downgrade iOS; Apple often comes up with updates in the existing system software. If you are lucky, then you would be able to fix the iOS 12 stuck on Apple logo by simply force restarting your phone. Here are 4 ways on how fix iPhone 12/12 Pro stuck on Apple Logo after iOS 14/13 update. Here this post tells you 6 methods to fix iPhone stuck in Apple logo. 5 solutions to fix iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) stuck on apple logo 2.1 Wait until powering off, and charge iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) The first, and perhaps the easiest solution, is waiting until the battery on your iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max) dies completely to turn the device off. I saw that iOS 14 was released so I went ahead and clicked to download/install from the phone's settings app. 2. Restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud 4. Solution 1: Best way to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo without data loss. First, hold and press the Power as well as the Home button together. But users don't always like the features that come with the updates. Unfortunately I have no backup of my device and want my data to be safe and backed up before Although they are not 100% workable, you can still give them a free try. When they tried to return, but iPhone got stuck in recovery mode/boot loop screen/Apple logo/black screen during the iOS 14 to iOS 13 downgrade process. The most popular solution to fix iPhone errors is to reboot your iPhone. It’s not uncommon for a device to sit on the Apple logo for a few minutes sometimes, but if it’s been stuck on an Apple logo for an inordinately long time, like a half hour or more, then you may have a bigger problem. Press down on the power and the volume buttons at the same time. Until we resolve this issue, restore the device to 12 . How to Fix iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo After Jailbreak "Over The Air updates of iOS 13/12 are known to create an issue and make the jailbreak fail.Some devices , and then paste in the Apple boot logo. A new version (moving from iOS 12 to iOS 13, for example) will usually take longer than a point update (like iOS 13 to iOS 13.1. Thankfully, there are a few simple fixes that you can apply at home. 1. Usually, your iPhone kicks into recovery mode and displays “Connect to iTunes”, but sometimes it gets stuck on the Apple logo. Force Restart to Fix iPhone Stuck on Update Bar. Force reboot is the easiest way to fix various iPhone stuck issues including iPhone stuck on Apple logo after iOS update/battery replacement/water damage. These are the 4 handy ways on how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Part 2: Repair the Apple Logo Loop Issue Manually Regardless, after you have forcibly rebooted the iPhone or iPad, let it sit for a while to see if it will boot has expected. Jailbreak your iPhone 3. Here is a step-by-step break down for a force restart to fix iOS 12 stuck on Apple logo on iPhone 6 or earlier models. Performing these procedures will help eliminate system data corruption that caused an iOS 13 iPhone 8 to get stuck on white Apple logo. Fixes various iOS issues like iPhone stuck on Apple logo, white screen, stuck in recovery mode, etc. My iPhone 6s Plus (iOS 13.4) was full on memory and when I restarted the phone it stuck on Apple Logo. Why is iPhone White Screen with Black Apple Your iPhone … while doing the iOS … I restarted the iPhone, plugged in the lightning to supply the power, and started the upgrade from iOS 12.4 (I think it was) to 13. So i need a help from you. Or, iPhone stuck in recovery mode/DFU mode/Apple logo/frozen screen/boot loop screen/disabled screen, etc. It could be caused by system errors, hardware issues, jailbroken, iOS upgrade or other unknown reasons. Penyebab Stuck di Logo Apple. July 18, 2019. Solution : Sometimes, iPhone 4/5/6/7/8/X/11 won't turn on and get stuck on Apple logo after restore, reset, … Hi people. This approach is relatively simple and helps in most of the cases. The default Standard repair can fix the Apple logo issue without losing any data. How to force restart an iPhone to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo after iOS 12.4/13 update. Apple’s official line is that iOS updates can take up to an hour: Model : iPhone 8 Plus. Why is iPhone stuck on the Apple logo. This can be easily fixed with the solutions introduced here. The iPhone 6s stuck on Apple Logo after iOS 13 update is the most common iOS problem ever to occur and it can happen because of lots of reasons, like iOS update, data transfer and even during some very risky operations like Jailbreak. Apple tidak pernah memberikan penjelasan secara spesifik untuk masalah iPhone stuck di logo Apple saat diaktifkan. Hello, My name is Alvin, from Nairobi, Kenya, I have an Iphone 6s, which is stuck on the apple logo, This is causing a bit of a setback with my work, can anyone help me fix this? Use Safe Mode to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo. Part 1. How to Fix iPhone/iPad/iPod touch Stuck on Apple Logo after iOS 12 Beta Update? Before trying other methods, you can try hard reboot your iPhone X firstly. 3. Dear Apple Support, I have a problem faced that after upgrading to iOS 11.1 my iPhone 8 Plus got stuck on apple logo and iPhone getting too hot. To solve iOS 12 stuck on Apple logo on iPhone 7, 7 Plus. When your iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo, it means that the operating system is having trouble starting up. iPhone X Max stuck on apple logo? Did your Phone get stuck on the Apple logo? It is supported in both Mac and Windows platform as well as compatible with almost all iOS devices and the latest iOS 13 system. You may experience this when you turn this device on or during / after an iOS update. If your iPhone got stuck on the Apple logo after you used iTunes to update, restore, or transfer data to your iPhone, you’ll need to temporarily disable the software that caused the problem before you continue. In almost all the cases, you're experiencing a … Factory Reset iPhone Won't Go Past Apple Logo #1 Restore iPhone via Recovery Mode #2 Restore iPhone via DFU Mode. When the screen turns black, let go of the buttons. Part 1. This article explains how you can fix when your iPhone becomes stuck on the Apple logo with the spinning wheel, the screen is black and buttons are unresponsive (see the image below). TunesKit iOS System Recovery is the perfect option if you don't want to be caught in additional issue, the data loss. The problem of your iPhone XR gets stuck on Apple logo (and a progress bar) could appear while upgrading to a new version of iOS, when putting the phone into the charger, or after restore from iTunes. iPhone 7 Plus stuck on apple logo after iOS 14 update. Upgrade iOS on your iPhone 2. How to fix my iPhone 6s stuck on Apple logo?" Retains existing phone data during the fix. IMEI : ***** Serial Number : F2*****CLY The Bottom Line. I've got an iPhone 7 Plus that was running just fine on a normal version of iOS 13 just a few hours ago (public release, non beta). Try Another USB Cable and USB Port. It is stuck at the Apple logo screen with the horizontal bar, with the bar showing what is like 99%, and it has been like that for 1.5 hours now. In case your iPhone succumbs to a similar issue after updating to the new iOS 13 platform, I’ve listed a few helpful solutions for you to try on. However, it does not suitable to fix iPhone stuck on iOS 11/12/13/14 update. Hold down the power button again until the Apple logo appears. Keep on pressing them, till you see the Apple logo. We will provide you with 3 effective solutions to get your iPhone out of the Apple logo loop. Force Restart to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo (Soft Reset) 2. Figure: Recovery Mode Another potential approach to fix ‘iPhone stuck on Apple Logo.’Issue. Easy-to-follow instructions provided. As a result, users often try to downgrade their iPhone. 5. Dedicated Tool to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo on iOS 13 . Way 1: Force restart the Device. Part 2. Way 1: Force Restart iPhone X to Fix iphone X Flashing Apple Logo. Recovery Mode boots up the phone, but stops the OS from running so you can fix it. There are a lot of iOS users affected by a lot of system issues like gets stuck on Apple logo during update and restore processes. It takes you several minutes to get iPhone stuck on update out of frozen on Apple logo or progress bar without data loss.
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