I have a 36 gallon tank with a male convict cichlid.Is there any tank mates that I could have,but I do not want a female convict(I do not want babies).Right now I have a spotted African leaf fish with it but it can be rehoused easily. Convict Cichlid. August 8, 2017 by cichlidsforsale. Member. While the acclimatization of convict cichlids is probably the easiest, keeping them with other species of fish is hard. Otherwise, these long fish -which can grow up to two feet in length – are great tank mates for your Oscar cichlid. fast-moving fish like Giant Danios may also be used as dither fish. A few suggested tank mates. Photo by Jaymo828. You are not able to keep the convicts with any other tank mates If you have breeding pair convicts. Convict Cichlid Tank Conditions. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 11, 2010. Tank size should be 30 gallons is enough to grow convict cichlid. Researching potential tank mates ahead of time should help you to avoid problems while saving you both time and money. The last thing you want is to spark a … So Tank does not need much space. Convict Cichlid Tank Mates. The plecostomus is a very common aquarium fish, known for its ability to eat algae. Don’t put any smaller or less aggressive fish within the tank. These fish will be easy prey and will be taken out first by the Zebra Cichlid. Pairs should be kept in their own tank, the very aggressive nature of these fish when spawning means that even the smallest of tankmates will be chased and killed if possible. Personally, I think the Convict Cichlid is a beautiful addition in an aquarium. Convict Cichlid Tank Mates. Its only that they are a … If provoked, they can and will do damage. Another good option is to keep a pair of convict cichlids alone in an aquarium without any other species in the aquarium. KateLorraine. So my oscar is moving to a larger more suitable environment, and I will be left with a 55G with two convicts in it (if you don't count fry! They swim all over the tank making them selves visible at all times. The ideal temperature for Convict cichlid is between 79 to 84° Fahrenheit. It is intense, solid, and … 2 Answers. 2: How do big do convict cichlids get? Answer Save. Conspecific Temperament: This describes the overall demeanor of a cichlid toward other tank- mates of the same species. The Convict Cichlid features black lines on both sides of its body that are contrasted by its white base color. Male fish can grow up to 6 inches whereas females grow up to 4 – 5 inches. Convict Cichlid loves dwelling in slow-moving water on the bed of the rocky substrates. Dark Convict Cichlids, for the most part, remain under six inches, however, they make incredible Oscar tank mates. Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:23 am. Be warned, blood parrots and convicts can breed and create very awkward looking fish. Convict cichlid Tank mates. Convict Cichlids are some of the most aggressive fish. Tank Requirements for Convict Cichlid. Convict Cichlid Tropical Fish Learn all about the Convict Cichlid's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Convict Cichlid Tank Mates. And yes there is a good chance a big Oscar will eat small convicts. Hey, I currently have a 40 gallon tank with a bristle nose Pleco, three platies, and some corydoras. Its pH tolerance range is between 6.6 to 7.8 and the hardness tolerance range is between 6 to 8 GH. The Convict Cichlid is a popular choice of fish from the cichlid family. Convict Cichlid. It is a small fish. Dark Convict Cichlid . They are also referred to as the Black Striped or Black Convicts Cichlid and are a smaller species that are very aggressive. The Convict Cichlid owes its name to its coloration, in that it looks as though it is wearing an old style prison uniform. 6 Plecostomus. Tank Setup. Aquarium size for Convict Cichlids: If you are keeping a pair of Convict Cichlids 25 to 30 gallon would suffice, in case its a community of Convict Cichlids 50 to 60 gallon aquarium is needed, in case you want them in a South American Cichlid community aquarium with compatible tank mates 120 gallon or bigger tank is required. Build Your Cichlid Community Aquarium. Convict Cichlid Care Guide 1. Relevance. This isn’t the best fish to keep with others, issues can and will arise. Convict Cichlid Tank Mates. These fish don’t want to start trouble with other species as long as they aren’t provoked. Tank Size: 20 gal (76L) for a pair of smaller fish, but 50 gal (189L) for adults; Convict cichlids get their name from the bands of black and white down their sides, mimicking stereotypical “jailbirds.” On the smaller side, they average 5-6 inches (13-15cm) at full size. Tankmates can be Jack Dempseys or Green Terrors, or the bigger Central American cichlids depending on tank size. Being a peaceful fish, convicts should make good tank mates for your blood parrot. They are not that expensive too. Convict cichlid is not good fish for other tank mate because it allways fight whith other fish Compatibility with Convicts depends on tank size and the sex of your Convicts. You will need a minimum 30 gallon tank if you want to keep a convict cichlid, but 40 gallons is considered ideal. They can be kept as a pair or in a South American Cichlid aquarium with other Cichlids who share similar temperament & water parameters.
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